Sunday, July 7, 2013

What I have learned about entering competitions

What I have learned about entering competitions
I’ve had a bit of luck in the competition circle. Only little wins but wins all the same.
In the last month I have won:
  • 2 Gold section tickets to Pink
  • 2 tickets to the movie premier of The Intern
  • $50 Petrol voucher
  • A book
  • Skincare pack
One of these was a facebook competition with just the simple “liking” of the page, but the rest were 25 words or less competitions so  I thought I’d sharemy top three tips as to why I’m doing ok
  1. Be creative: I think it’s really important to point out that when you write your submissions for 25 words or less you should actually think about what you are writing. I always use the name of the product up for grabs and the name of the company running the competition in answering the question. If you can make it catchy or rhyme, even better.
  2.  Keep entering: The other way to be successful at winning something is to enter a lot of things. I mean A LOT. While I have won a few things in the last month I have probably entered no less the 400 competitions. Sounds time consuming but there are sites that list of the current competitions in one place. You can then click through the ones you like and it will tick them off as entered. 
  3.  Read the fine print: It is really important you read the terms and conditions. One thing I have learned is it is easy to be disqualified from the terms and conditions without realising. Lots of competitions have rules such as only one entry per person but yet for some reason you can fill out the form multiple times, therefor actually disqualifying you instead of giving you extra chances.
Best  Australian sites that I use:

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