Monday, July 22, 2013

Making it official!

So today I decided to make it official and get an ABN ( Australian Business Number) and register my first business name and get a domain to match. I used a great company to get it all done within an hour. Yes, I realise I could have got it done for free, but I lack something called patience so I used them to get it done fast. Plus the lady i spoke with on the online chat was more than helpful when it came to explaining what I needed and why, which is exactly what a newbie like me needed.

How bloody exciting.. I've achieved things but usually with some sort of support whether it be an employer or teacher, but this here? This is ALL me. 

So it's official Money Making Mummy is mine. A little bit of emotion is creeping up inside me. All you pro bloggers out there and other business owners are probably going , "Yeah big deal. Talk to me when you see some money." That's ok I will. In the meantime though i will bask in the glory that I have a business name of my very own. My first step to really making it.

I love the quote ( no idea who said it though) "A year from now, you will wish you started today." Well today is MY day and I am starting. I kind of started backwards doing a lot of writing before actually considering a business name but I had to be sure I could stick this out. I have managed to write about the same theme for a few months now without losing motivation so I think I'm safe!

I also joined Twitter this week.

After a bit of a set back losing my Facebook account due to it being hacked  I decided to give this twittersphere thing  a go. I have no idea why I waited so long! I can finally stalk Channing Tatum! ( Every girl's dream right?)

Apart from having access to such a stud, I also decided to make contact with other bloggers around the world to increase my networks and knowledge and follow people that inspire me ( or make me go weak at the knees!) I considered following people I like to get a bit of dirt on, eg the Kardashians however I thought there is so much about stardom that hardly educates me, that I figured I'd stick with the people who radiated awesomeness such as Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah. People who give back because one day, I hope to not only be as rich as them but also able to change other people's lives like them. That kind of inspiration is worth following I think!

I have also discovered a blog called BlogTyrant I immediately signed up for the subscription and got my free ebook and am loving it. I also love how easily accessible he is when I ask a question on Twitter. I have never really been able to do this before. Isn't technology wonderful?

It's nearly the end of the month and I will soon write about the money I have made and how I did it. No online business, no spamming just me working my butt off. Stay tuned for more!

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