Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My hands are shaking as I type this. I have a big bubble of emotion rising up inside me. Probably similar to that of J Money from Budgets are Sexy when he found a renter for his place. But my story? Sorry J Money but today I am going to top it.

I had spent most of today brainstorming about what lump sums we had coming up that we could sink into our personal loan. Maybe some of our tax return and if my partner had work straight after being made redundant we  could potentially also use his payout.

Well you wouldn't believe it. I was rocking my bubba to sleep and heard my phone ring. I ignored it, thinking it was just another telemarketer bothering me. I then heard it beep to let me know there was a voicemail.

Honestly i thought nothing of it. I connected to voicemail and started listening. This is what I heard.

"Hi  this is Jeremy . I am the CEO from Service Seeking You entered a competition of ours a while ago and I am ringing you with some wonderful news. Out of the 24,000 people that entered this competition, you are the grand prize winner of $5000. Please call me back on $$$$$$$!"

Honestly if i wasn't sitting down I would have fallen to the floor. Five thousand smackaroons! Of course I called my partner and then my parents, both times sobbing uncontrollably down the phone. If you have not yet read my other post on my partner's redundancy, trust me when I say this that this money has not come at a better time for us.

I am really beginning to believe that all the good karma I have been putting out there in the world daily and my competition entering obsession is really starting to pay off! Not to mention my millionaire manifesting. See? It can happen. Just had to share with everyone.

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