Thursday, July 11, 2013

TOP TEN WAYS TO SAVE ON ELECTRICITY- That you probably haven't done yet!

  1. Find out also what are your peak and off peak times and use what you can in off peak time.
  2. Contact a electricity comparison company to ensure you are getting the best rate.
  3. Install air-conditioner on shaded side of house so it doesn't have to work as hard to cool down
  4. Purchase a electricity usage device from Bunnings to track what each appliance is using
  5. Change filters on air-conditioners and exhaust fans regularly so that they are working effectively
  6. Check your fridge seals to make sure fridge isn't working overtime to keep groceries cool
  7. Double glaze the windows on the house. If you cant afford to do all windows, consider getting done the ones that face the summer sun.
  8. Have your house  professionally checked for gaps that let air escape and consider getting them sealed for a big saving
  9. Invest in a kettle with a warm setting so you are not reboiling water each time you make a coffee
  10. Use power saver adaptors turn off the power at the source for standby  appliances such as tvs without affecting the use of the remote.

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