Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Freebies are everywhere! Just open your eyes and be organised at a moments notice.

Today we had an amazing day as far as scoring freebies. 

I was notified that I had won two competitions. I recieved a gift voucher from Mitre 10 for voting on the Channel 9 series the block, and I also won $150 worth of Katy Perry eyelashes from a 25 words or less competition i entered. Loving that! It makes entering all those competitions worthwhile.

After reading my email notifying me of my win, I decided to scroll the freebies page of to see what I could get, do up and potentially resell for a profit in my local area.

I came across some gorgeous wardrobes that  were a give away and basically brand new. We called the guy who advertised them and he told us he had two houses worth of stuff he needed to get rid off as he was demolishing the property the next day and to bring a trailer.

Well, this was music to our ears and so we grabbed a hire trailer and took off to the house hoping no one would get the good stuff before us. They didnt!

We came home with
  • Three brand new wardrobes( we have NO storage in our house so these were a great find for us)
  • Three double beds with mattresses ( now we finally have a spare bed for couple friends)
  • A solid wood bedside table
  • Several matching solid wood side tables
  • Small solid wood dining table
  • Shoe rack ( our current one just keeps falling apart and all the shoes get knocked off. VERY annoying)
  • Two  chairs
Now if I am not mistaken that is a serious score considering it realistically cost us a quarter tank of petrol and a $50 trailer hire! The only downside is that I probably wont sell much of it because it all matches beautifully and the wood colour fits in to the beach theme we want to do for the house, it will all more than likely stay.

I am stoked about the wardrobes in particular though because we have needed some for so long for my son's room and for a towel cupboard. These are even the same design I was wanting, talk about manifesting things into reality. I really need to get on to my vision board soon!

So if there are things you need, don't rush out and spend the money if you don't urgently need them. Be patient make sure you keep your eye out for competitions that have them as prizes, websites that are selling them heavily discounted or if you find someone giving them away, be ready to drop everything at a moments notice to get them. It will be worth it!

Happy Bargain Hunting!!

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