Monday, July 29, 2013

Get the wedding you want -without going broke

  • Use technology such as facebook/email 
  • Make your own
  • Look online or in $2 shops 
  • Make a video/slideshow and email to friends and family
  • A  cheap but pretty pack  of blank cards with your own personal message
  • Text message/phone call

  • Choose a public place such as a park/beach
  •  Friend's property or back garden
  • Hall or Church
  • Hold your wedding at an off peak time such as winter or a Sunday or weekday as significant discounts apply

  • Book out a small restuarant for the night
  •  Pin one booking against the other to see if they can match or beat the quote
  • use a catering company
  • Cocktail instead of a sitdown dinner
  • BYO alcohol ( if at an establishment you will usually need to pay a corkage fee)
  • Ask for guests to pay towards their meal instead of giving a gift
  • Have a bar where guests can purchase their own alcohol
  • Don't have alcohol at the wedding
  •  Ask guests to bring a plate of food if low key wedding
  • Have a BBQ
  • Buy alcohol in bulk online or make a deal with local wineries of bottle shop

Guest List
  • Do not include children as they usually cost as much as the adults
  • Have a no plus 1 policy unless both parts of the couple are good friends
  •  Don't feel obligated to invite people just because they might get offended. Unless they are paying for it.
  • Have a fake cake. Lots of companies are now making styrofoam cakes for 1/3 of the price of a normal wedding cake. The guests are then serves from a plain rectangle cake cut up out the back and are none the wiser.
  • Choose to have a cake made at a local bakery rather than a specialist wedding cake maker
  • Buy several cheaper cakes and purchase the special rods to sit in the cakes so you can stack them like a wedding cake.
  • Make your own cake or have a friend who is a good baker make one for you.
  • Make it less fancy. The simpler the design, the cheaper is will be. Don't get too carried away, it's only going to get cut up.
Wedding dress
  • Instead of shopping at bridal stores and boutiques, try looking online.
  • Second hand designer dresses from small second hand boutiques
  • Use a relatives old wedding dress and have a dressmaker makes some adjustments to fit your properly and have your flair on it.
  • Have it made overseas.There are lots of online stores you can send your measurements too with a copy of the dress you want to have them made really cheaply. Just do it well ahead of time because if it needs a slight adjustment you will need time to get it done.
  • Wedding dresses are rarely worn more than once check graigslist or gumtree for second hand ones for sale.
  • Hire a dress rather than buy.
  • Go non traditional. Look at formal dresses rather than traditional wedding dresses.
Bridesmaids dresses
  • Set a theme of colour and get the girls to buy their own dresses that they can wear again
  • Have less bridesmaids
  • Source your own material and have a friend/family make the dresses
  • Order online or have made overseas. 
  • Have them all over and get them to bring all the dresses they own to choose the best ones suitable for your wedding
  • Have them wear whatever dress they like but have a continuing theme such as an accessory or prop like a parisol.
  • Dress down. Themes like a beach theme can save you money by having them barefoot, cheaper summer dresses or kaftans.
  •  Hire the suits
  • Set a dress code and have them choose what to wear. eg white shirt black pant
  •  Wear whatever colour suit they own but have a common element such as a particular tie 
  •  Buy a cheaper suit from a department store or online rather than a bridal/formalwear store
  • Advertise so locals can find you and give you a quote
  • Find buskers you like and make them an offer
  • Compare prices on DJs, live bands etc
  • Have a friend who is a great musician/dancer/singer perform for you
  •  Look on Facebook and MySpace for up and coming bands looking for gigs

Hair and Make Up
  • Get everyone to do their own make up
  • Get a student make up artist to do it for cheaper. ( just make sure you have a trial so you are both clear on what you want)
  • Ask for a group discount for any extra family or friends who might want their make up done too.
  •  Go and get a free makeover at a local salon/ Myer/pharmacy from a product demonstrator

  • Look online and in cheap shops for great bargains
  • Use flowers from a friends garden
  •  Make your own
Car Hire
  • Have wedding location close to accommodation so there isn't a need for car hire
  • Arrive on horseback instead
  • Borrow a car from a friend who may have a classic or a neat tidy car
  • Book a taxi to get there
  • Hire a bus for entire bridal party but keep bride and groom blindfolded

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