Thursday, July 11, 2013

14 Amazing Uses for Bi Carb Soda

All of us are struggling one way or another. Trying to make each dollar go further and further.  Having Bi Carb Soda in your supplies will help you do just that. Considering it is $2.35 or less depending on the brand you choose it will end up being one of the cheapest most versatile products you could ever use. The other great thing about it is that it makes a great alternative to most expensive household chemicals and is safe to use around children and pets

1. Reduce acidity in food
For those that have an intolerance to acids in their foods eg pasta tomato sauce, adding a bit of BOS will help reduce some of that acid

2. Fluff up your omelettes  
Add ½ teaspoon of BOS to every three eggs

3. Reduce  gas 
When eating baked beans will by add a little bit over the top and mix in.

4. Clear a blocked drain 
Use equal parts vinegar and BOS and heating. Pour down the drain.
5. Keep household smells at bay  
Wash the bin with a damp sponge with a sprinkling of bi carb on it and also adding a sprinkle to the bottom of the bin before you put the new liner in. For a smelly fridge pop a open container inside the fridge and leave for a few hours to absorb the smell.

6.Clean the loo 
Drop half a box of Bi carb into bowl and leave overnight and then flush a few times in the morning. Your toilet bowl will be clean , odourless and chemical free.

7.Deodorise fake lawn   
Use a icing sugar duster to sprinkle the area of grass. Then hose it in using a shower setting on the hose. It will do an even better job if you use a high pressure hose. We used this technique in a boarding kennel I used to work in and customers always commented on how despite the amount of dogs we had there was no doggy smell.

8. Make water colour paints
Mix three tablespoons each of Bi carb, cornflour and vinegar with 1 ½ teaspoons of light corn syrup. Divide the mixture into small cups or drink bottle lids and add a about 8 drops of food colouring to it and voila! You can use them instantly or wait for them to harden and use with a wet brush. 

9. Remove chucky baby stains. 
 Wipe off the vomit of the item of clothing and then dabbing a little on a damp sponge removes the stain and odour instantly.

10. Relieve Nappy rash 
Mix a few tablespoons into their bath water to soothe the inflamed skin

11. Cool sunburn by mixing 4 tablespoons of BOS to one cup and soak some cotton pads and apply to skin.

12. Stop itchiness 
Use a hairdryer to blow some into a plaster cast for a broken limb, to relieve the itchiness

13. Use as a deodorant. 
Yes we are all creatures of habit to some degree but there are those days when you run out of your favourite deodorant you can sprinkle a little under your arms

14. Add half a cup to your washing machine 
Along with your usual detergent. It will make your clothes whiter and brighter.

Save some money and get yourself some bi carb!

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