Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Bucket List ( because apparently I don't have enough goals already!!)

Ok so I know just about everybody does a bucket list. It is usually full of places you want to travel to but I wanted to add a few things in that were a little different. 

Of course I have added some travel things in and if i reach my millionaire goal, well its definitely going to be possible but I also want some other experiences and create some memories with others including my kids. I want them to look at me when I'm old and grey and say " I want to live my life like you did." or in my obituary ( morbid i know) "she lived life to the fullest."

This is what I am starting out with because I still obviously have my lists of 30 a year until 30 but I will be adding to this over time.
  1. See Beyonce in Concert
  2. Go to an Ellen DeGeneres Show
  3. Meet Oprah Winfrey
  4. Travel to Borneo to work with the orphaned orangutans
  5. Go to a Superbowl in the US
  6. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower 
  7. Visit the Colosseum in Italy
  8. Be successful enough to earn a decent income from home
  9. Write a book/e book
  10. Own a golden retriever
  11. Give a senior/death row rescue dog a home ( or a few depending on the size of my property)
  12. Have a house with a beach view
  13. Have Multiple Investment Properties
  14. Completely renovate a house for profit
  15. Be a foster parent
  16. Travel around Australia in a van with our kids
  17. Do a Canada/Alaska Cruise
  18. Take my kids to Disneyland and Universal Studios
  19. Go to Niagra Falls
  20. Overcome my fear of horses
  21. Take a trapeze class or a scarf hanging thing class ( like Pink does in her shows)
  22. Enter a karaoke competition (eeek!)
  23. Learn how to make my own clothes
  24. Learn to and complete a quilt for each of my children that can be an heirloom
  25. Learn the art of cake decorating
  26. Help change someone's life in a positive way
  27. Learn to live simply
  28. Mosaic something huge like a driveway in our dream home
  29. Build our own house
  30. Create a bali garden
  31. Climb a big ass mountain. (undecided as to which one)

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