Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fast beauty fixes that are living in your cupboard

Does your medicine cabinet bulge with all the different potions and lotions, treatments and fancy pants make up products?
Mine did. Then I found some brilliant products that didn’t break the bank and most of them are in my pantry or fridge!
Make a face mask with equal parts of cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. Powerful ingredients to draw gunk out of the skin and the nutmeg provides a great exfoliate while the honey moisturizers. Just make sure you take it off your face gently with a warm washcloth. Use approx. once a week

  • Fix a greasy scalp get some bi carb and sprinkle in your hair. It soaks up and the grease and gets rid of any odour. Kind of like dry shampoo!
  • Short term deodorant. Keeping a box of bi carb in your car can be incredibly useful. Not only will it help reduce odour in the car but its there when you need a bit of a freshen up! Dust lightly under arms

  • Get  rid of tan lines, especially on the hands, elbows and knees. Soak a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and apply to the area you want to make less orange and the lemon juice will bleach it back saving you from a tanning disaster.
  • Want to lighten your hair but don’t want the harsh chemicals? Well if you already have blondish hair, you can. Lemon Juice is nature’s bleach. Squeeze some lemons in to a bowl pour it in to a trigger spray and spray on dry hair.  Stand out in the sun for about ½ hour or longer depending on what result you want. Now it isn’t as obvious as bleach but it does brighten your locks right up!
  • Make teeth shiny
  • Use to prevent chafing by applying to the area that can become aggravated,
  •  Lip balm or even to smooth over those unruly eyebrows.
  • Mix it in with eyeshadow you can also create a liquid eyeshadow and help it bind better to the eyelid. Only mix a bit as you use it not the whole lot at once as it could go off or breed bacteria.
  • Moisturiser
  • Make up remover
  • After sun balm to prevent peeling
  • Soap alternative
  • Treat feet by cleansing/ exfoliating first (can be done with cinnamon mask) smother feet in olive oil and wrap in glad wrap, pop on some socks are leave overnight. Nice soft tooties in the morning!
  • Treatment for dry hair by leaving in overnight on the ends of the hair. Make sure you use HOT water to rinse out properly.
  • Skin moisturiser
  • Use it before a shower to prevent skin from getting dried out from the water
  • Mix up some soft brown sugar with olive oil to make a great body exfoliant
  • Helpful in getting rid of acne on an oily face. Wash face on a daily basis and use minimal moisturiser
  • Bleeding nails can be stopped by putting a chunk of soap on the affected area. Same goes for shaving cuts
  • Antiseptic for cuts and helps them heal
  • Spot treatment for pimples
  • Anti fungal to treat athletes foot
  • Add to bath to help deal with body odour
  • Use on scalp to help dread dandruff
  • Relieve insect bites
  • Help stop runs in stockings
  • Fix hair in place
  • Spray over foundation to make it set (this is entirely optional please consider the fumes)
  • Help nail polish set
  • Use fine sandpaper to file callouses off your feet
  • Rub the soles of new sandals to get grip on them

So next time you have a beauty drama...... just look in the cupboard.

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