Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I made $978.40 in one month on the side

 In order to reach my minimum goal of $501 a month on top of our current income to pay into our personal loan to have it paid out within three years, I  began looking for ideas and things I could turn in to cold hard cash. I was honestly surprised at how easy it was once I got on a roll of sourcing things I could sell. In the first 11 days I made $729 so it only spurred me to raise the goal to $1000 for the month and hopefully I can continue this over the next few months..
  1. I have a mandarin tree out the back FULL of fruit. I don't like mandarins personally, so we got a 60cent packet of freezer bags and bagged them up to sell for $1 a bag outside our house. I had scored an A Frame and crate when i cleared out my parents shed and used the back of a nappy box for a sign. Sixty cents spent $31 made
  2. Had a hunt through all our clothes to see what we had that we realistically don't wear/will never wear.  Found a Pantera Leather jacket that my partner has been holding on to and a IItalian Made leather vest. I convinced him that he will never had a need for it. (especially seeing as we don't own a motorcycle) and he will never be an XXL again. ( I think he liked this comment) and so we listed it for sale on . Nothing spent and made $100
  3. I also had a small diamond ring an old (dodgy) boyfriend had given me. I had previously gone to a gold dealer who only offered payment for the gold ( around $20) and nothing for the diamonds (rip off!) and then to cash converters who again offered me pittance for a ring valued at $1200. I listed on gumtree and sold within 24 hours. Nothing spent $150 made
  4. Had a whole heap of Avon I had not returned to headquarters from customers. Things like wrong size shoe, wrong make up colour etc. Once I had filled out returns form, the money back from returns covered my last order making it 100% profit. Nothing spent $150 made.
  5. Sold some excess Avon product to a friend who came over to pick up their original order. Nothing spent. $8 made
  6. I have a budget of $100 a week for food only. For one week I set myself a "No Spend" challenge. The idea being able to use whatever was in my cupboards and fridge/freezer to prepare meals for the week. Nothing spent, $100 made. Not to mention a new appreciation of my food creativity.
  7. Dropped off a customer's Avon order for her to offer me a job as a area manager for a local catalogue distribution. I'm looking into it. No spend  and potentially $250 gain ( not counting this yet as haven't said yes but it's a potential! Opportunities are everywhere.
  8. Cleaned a house for four hours $60
  9. Picked up a 3 piece lounge suite for free, sold it for $180
  10.  Helped my mum move house. She paid us $200

So in less than a month I have managed to make $978.40 not including potential job offer which I decided not to apply for as it would mean having even more brochures in my house and having walkers come on to the property to collect them which is impractical with two dogs. But if anything this shows that if you keep your mind open, opportunities to make money are everywhere.

This income is not including the $5000 i won in a facebook like and job listing competition or the $150 worth of Katy Perry eyelashes i also won. Keep entering those competitions!

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