Thursday, June 27, 2013

Introduction-Mum on a mission

I decided to start this blog after being inspired by another mum blogger. She is not much older than me with the same goal to become a millionaire by thirty.

I must admit this is the most outrageous thing i have done (and I've done a few things that I'd prefer to keep in the closet.) It's one thing to admit to yourself that this is what you want, but to do it so publicly? I guess I just better give it my best shot to succeed!  

Looking at our current situation where we are one year into a  new mortgage and a nice big personal loan of $50,000... is that...are you... are you laughing?? It's ok. I don't blame you. It sounds a pretty big ask to get out of debt AND make a million bucks in three years. To be honest I'd love to just to have the loan paid off by thirty but I know you gotta dream big to achieve big. 

It wasn't that long ago that we were considering going through one of those debt consolidators. You know the ones, they pool up all your debt, give you a loan so the people you owe can't chase you for money and then you pay them a bunch of fees to manage it for you. 

As a couple that had been on great money we certainly had never had to budget for much. Having a baby changes all that. We moved interstate to be closer to family, bought a different house and lost out on the old one because we lacked patience to sell and get the right price.
(I was six months pregnant and the healthcare system wasn't the best where we were.) Oh yes then add the drop down to one income. A few months in and running the numbers i realised we were paying out more than we were earning. In short? We were screwed.

Obviously I'm writing this because now i have a new goal. I found a way to manage the debt. We still have debt, not going to beat around the bush, but my goodness we have come a long way. I figure if i can overcome the strain on both on our finances and relationship all down to a bit of stubbornness and determination, why not just keep going and DREAM BIGGER AGAIN.

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